5 College Dorm Guides You Don’t Want to Miss

2 Sep

Knowing what to bring to college can be a bit overwhelming. You want to be prepared, but you don’t want to be the roommate that overtakes the small space you have. Finding helpful dorm guides can be difficult, so we decided to put together our top 5. Good luck with the new place and we hope this helps!

1. Add a little somethin’ somethin’ 

Leah, from Ryerson University, provides her tips on how to spice up and organize your space. Check out her tips on  College Candy 

2. Organize it!

College Fashion provides the lowdown on everything you will need in 4 easy-to-read sections. I recommend starting with bedding and checking out each section.

3. How to create it

Knowing what you need to buy is great, but how you decorate can be a mystery (at least for someone like me). Luckily, BuildDirect provides instructions on how to get started.

4. Decorate it for YOU!

You know what you like and what fits your personality, but how do have yourself shine through in decorating your dorm? That’s what interior designers, like Natalie Myers, are for! She posts some helpful tips on how to accomplish the right look for you in her Last-Minute Dorm Decorating Guide.

5. Keep it Green

And for those looking to create an eco-friendly dorm ecofabulous provides the tips you need to stay green.


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